In the presence of the Sub-Prefect of the Yaounde 5 District, municipal councillors of the Essessalakok, Abom and Ngona zones, Heads of Services of the Yaounde 5 Town Hall and political leaders of the Ba'aba sub-section. The Mayor Augustin Bala proceeded on Monday, February 28, 2022 at Ngona 2 to the launching of the reprofiling works of the road section: Ngona la vie continue - Abom montée sanctuaire. The launching of the works on the road section: Ngona la vie continue - Abom sanctuary, comes within the framework of a vast campaign of reprofiling and opening of roads initiated by Mayor Augustin BALA at the beginning of March to facilitate the movement of goods and people on the one hand and connect the different districts and villages of the Yaounde 5 District Commune on the other hand In the wake of the road re-profiling campaign launched yesterday in Ngona by Mayor Augustin Bala, the sections of road will be re-profiled in turn: Ngona la vie continue -Abom montée sanctuaire ; Commissioner's entrance - T'a Ma crossroads - castle at Essessalakok; And open a road entirely on the section: Groupe scolaire Sainte Grâce- Ngona Bilono; It should be stressed that all the works to be carried out on the above-mentioned sites are financed by the Yaounde 5 District Commune's own funds, which is why we urge the taxpayers of Yaounde 5 to pay their taxes regularly because it is on the basis of the tax revenues collected that the Mayor programmes development projects in the Commune's districts and villages. # Reprofiling of roads# # CAY5 - Clean and Green

- #The era of the new dynamic#

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