After the last legislative and municipal elections of February 2020, here is the new team of the Yaounde V City Council

The Town Hall is a general body whose mission is to satisfy the needs of the local population. It has a wide range of responsibilities: civil status, town planning and housing, schools and facilities, cultural activities, health and social care, and administrative police. The Mayor is the representative of the State in the Commune. As such, he is a civil registrar and a judicial police officer, responsible for missions delegated by the State.

  • + He manages certain administrative services (civil status, electoral lists...);
  • + He enforces the laws, regulations and decisions transmitted by the prefecture;
  • + He ensures in agreement with the prefect the proper functioning of the municipal police whose mission is to enforce the orders taken by the prefecture;
  • + He is responsible for civil security (firefighters etc. ...).
  • He finally plays the role of ambassador of the commune with the public authorities and all interlocutors (public organization etc. ...), which can influence the fate of the commune.