Mayor Augustin Bala went on a field trip to Nkolnkondi 2 block 7 early this Sunday, March 13, 2022, in order to touch the daily life of the people of this area of Yaounde 5 on the one hand, and to see and foresee how to rehabilitate the access roads of this part of the Yaounde 5 Commune on the other hand. For the occasion, Mayor Augustin Bala was accompanied by the Civil Engineer of the Yaounde 5 Town Hall, the Environmental Engineer, the Head of the Public Lighting Office and the Head of the Communication Unit. Among the resource persons of Nkolnkondi 2 block 7 who accompanied the Mayor in his field trip, we can easily point out the presence of the Honorable OUSMAN DAWAI, Deputy of Mayo Tsanga and Head of block 7 of Nkolnkondi 2. In view of the many visits made here and there in the neighbourhoods and villages of Yaounde 5, it is safe to say that Mayor Augustin Bala is a mayor who has a burning desire to improve the living conditions of all the people in his constituency. Some pictures of Mayor Augustin BALA's visit to Nkolnkondi 2 block 7 on Sunday 13 March 2022 # CAY5 - Clean and Green

- # the era of the new dynamic#

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