Official inauguration of the public toilets of Mvog-Ada In the presence of the Sub-Prefect of the Yaounde 5 District, the Honourable Member of the National Assembly, Regional Councillors, Deputy Mayors, Municipal Councillors, traditional authorities, political leaders of Djoungolo North and Djoungolo South, Heads of Services of the Yaounde 5 Town Hall and many people. Mayor Augustin BALA proceeded this Friday, March 11, 2022 at the Mvog-Ada breaker to the official inauguration of the public toilets of Mvog-Ada. It should be stressed that the inauguration ceremony of the public toilets of Mvog-Ada on Friday, March 11, 2022 has a double meaning: it is the materialisation of the concept: one crossroads - one public toilet in Yaounde 5 on the one hand, and it consecrates the celebration of the first real estate asset built in the Yaounde 5 District Municipality. From a purely descriptive point of view, it is a structure built on a 46m2 trapezoidal plot. The surface area of the building is 34m2. The three functional parts of the building are the first part: an entrance hall where a manager is installed, equipped with an office and an analogue surveillance camera DVR; the second part: is a women's toilet block which is equipped with an English toilet and a double washbasin; the third part: is a men's toilet block which is equipped with two English toilets, three urinals, a double washbasin and two showers to allow the users of the yard to wash after work. Finally, there is a 2,000-litre cubitainer in case of any malfunctioning of the Camwater. After the weight of words, the shock of images # A crossroads - a public toilet # CAY5 - Clean and Green

- # The era of the new dynamic#

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