A heartfelt gesture for the Christians of the Ntem-assi 2 parish... Mayor Augustin Bala on Sunday, May 22, 2022 made a donation of one million CFA francs for the sound system of the parish of Ntem-assi 2. To make his heartfelt gesture, Mayor Augustin Bala was accompanied by his wife; the Honourable Member of the National Assembly; the President of the OJRDPC section of Mfoundi 5; members of the CPDM, OFRDPC and OJRDPC section offices residing in Mfandene East; Mfandena West and Ngousso South; presidents of sub-sections of Mfandena East; Mfandena West; Ngousso South; the Head of the 3rd degree of Mfandena 2 and the Head of the Communication Unit of the Yaounde 5 City Council. It should be noted that the gesture of goodwill made by Mayor Augustin Bala on Sunday, May 22, 2022 is the fulfilment of a firm promise made by the Mayor to the priest of Ntem-assi 2 a few months ago because the latter had difficulties in making preaching without sound system. In his homily, the priest did not fail to thank and congratulate Mayor Augustin Bala for his gesture and for his sensitivity in bringing concrete solutions to all social categories of his Commune. After the weight of words, the shock of images.

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