Youth Day 2022: Mayor Augustin Bala sensitises students of Yaounde 5 high schools and colleges on the evils of drug use and narcotics Mayor Augustin Bala on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, led an important sensitization caravan in the high schools and colleges of his territorial constituency to sensitize and advise students on the harmful consequences of drug use, both for their studies and their mental health. For the occasion, the First Municipal Magistrate of the Yaounde 5 District Municipality was accompanied by the promoter of the Hope By Flomik Education Foundation, Mrs. HOND Florence; Psychologists, Doctors and the Miss Universities 2021. The sensitisation caravan went in turn to the: Ngousso Ngoulmekong High School Bilingual high school of Essos; Nkolmesseng High School and Copes College. The caravan initiated by the Yaounde 5 District Municipality in partnership with the Education of Hope By flomik Foundation aimed at sensitizing the youths of the high schools and colleges of the Yaounde 5 District Municipality on the evils of the consumption of drugs and narcotics as much at the level of their mental health as at the level of the evolution of their school curriculum. As can be seen, Mayor Augustin Bala is concerned about the health and well-being of young students in his district, as he fully subscribes to the popular wisdom that postulates that: the youth is the spearhead of the nation. Some pictures of the stages of the caravan at Ngoulmekong High School and Essos Bilingual High School. # Stopdrogue# # CAY5-PROPRE#

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