Mayor Augustin BALA at the bedside of the large Muslim community of Yaounde 5. On Monday, May 03, 2021, the caravan distributing foodstuffs to the Muslim community led by Mayor Augustin BALA made two important stops: Firstly the Grand Mosque of Essos and secondly the Mosque of Ngousso- Ntem. The ritual distribution of foodstuffs to the Muslim community of Yaounde 5 that Mayor Augustin BALA carried out on Monday, May 3, 2021 had as its main targets: 25 Mosques ; 02 Koranic schools 03 community leaders; A total of 100 bags of rice; 35 boxes of sugar and 35 boxes of oil. The Aedile of Yaounde 5 thanked the Muslim community for their unconditional support and urged the Imams to sensitize the youths of their community who are engaged in the activity of motorbike taxi to respect the laws of the Republic.

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