Inclusive social dialogue in Yaounde 5: the motorbike taximen of the Kong Bilingual High School reaffirm their unconditional support to Mayor Augustin BALA. On Thursday, June 3, 2021, at twelve o'clock sharp, Mayor Augustin BALA started the first stage of the meeting and exchange tour between the Municipal Executive of the Yaounde 5 District Commune and the actors working in the motorbike taxi sector. It should be noted that this tour comes a few weeks after the April movement which resulted in the setting up of a permanent consultation platform between the Municipal Executive of the Yaounde 5 Borough Council and the motorbike taximen of Yaounde 5. The delegation led by the First Municipal Magistrate of the Yaounde 5 District Commune made a major stop on Thursday, June 3, 2021 at the place known as Kong Lycée Bilingual crossroads. The items on the agenda of the meeting included The reception of the Mayor by the president of the site and his office; The playing of the national anthem; Welcome by the site president and presentation of the tree of peace to the mayor; The word of the Mayor; The exchanges ; Refrain of the national anthem; The family photo. Without going into all the details of the meeting, it is easy for us to underline that the meeting and the exchanges took place in an atmosphere of mutual respect, serenity and especially conviviality. Through their spokesperson, the motorbike taximen from the Kong Lycée bilingue boarding site made the following demands The release of the vehicles held in the impoundment area since the April riots; The organisation of training seminars for motorbike taximen; The renewal of the executive board of the boarding site of Kong Lycée Bilingue. More in the newspaper... #inclusive social dialogue#

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