Essos Madison-Coranic School-Sonel Mimboman road section: works launched. The Mayor of the Yaounde V district, Augustin Bala, on July 27, 2022, launched the works on this road section. The Mayor of the Yaounde V district, Augustin Bala, launched the work on this stretch of road on 27 July 2022. After the effective reception of a similar project in Mackang m'a mbock (behind the sports stadium) on 14 July, it is the turn of this strategic area to undergo a beautification treatment. The huge traffic jams and the long queues on the public road will soon be a painful and thorny memory for the populations and users of this public road. According to information gathered from the technical department of the Yaounde V City Council, the road covers a total length of 630 ml including the start of the road with a width of 6 to 7 metres. The drainage to be carried out here consists of gutters and reinforced concrete gutters, T2 and CS2 kerbs will be placed on both sides of the roadway, as well as water retention and aggregate manholes at certain crossings. Given the project's landlocked nature, there will be lateritic gravel fill as a base course and a rigorously compacted foundation. The wearing course will be made of 4 cm thick bituminous concrete. For the president of the Essos South sub-section, Grégoire Mbida Ndzana, this is the result of hard work since the arrival of Mayor Augustin Bala. The spokesman of the Essos Madison district, did not spare any praise for the local councillor. He tried to remind the guests of the achievements of the first municipal magistrate. This asphalting project will facilitate the mobility and security of the people of Essos and its surroundings," he said. During his speech, Mr Mbida Ndzana also submitted to the Mayor the grievances of the people. The asphalting of the Bordeaux entrance - Nkolmesseng exit.

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