Citizen participation on the move in Yaoundé 5. Mobilised within the neighbourhood and village committees, the men, women and young people of the Yaoundé 5 District Commune voluntarily invest themselves every day in cleaning the gutters, sweeping the streets, cleaning the riverbeds and cleaning the water wells to contribute in a citizen's way to keeping the Commune of Yaoundé 5 clean and beautiful because, in reality, cleanliness is a matter for everyone... It should be noted that to date, 80 neighbourhood and village committees have been officially set up and have received sanitation equipment from the Commune of Yaoundé 5 so that they can move around every day in complete serenity. Mayor Augustin Bala's ambition is to install 100 neighbourhood and village committees throughout the territory of the Yaounde 5 District Municipality in order to eventually launch the participatory budget in his area of competence. #CAY5-clean and green#

- #the era of the new dynamic #

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