On Friday, 7 May 2021, in the presence of the Deputy Sub-Prefect of the Yaounde 5 District, the Honourable Member of the National Assembly, the Deputy Mayors, the Regional Councillor, the Municipal Councillors of the Yaounde 5 District and the population, Mayor Augustin BALA inaugurated the asphalted and illuminated Ngousso Transformer-College road section, coupled with the official installation ceremony and the handing over of sanitation equipment to the Ngousso Bonaberi, Ntem North and Copes Valley neighbourhood committees. It should be noted that the section of road that was inaugurated on Friday, May 7, 2021 extends over a linear distance of one kilometre with the bonus of the construction of two scuppers for the happiness of the people of Ngousso. The road in question is the fruit of joint Minddevel-Mindhuh financing: That is 100 million for Minddevel and 190 million for Minduh. The Mayor did not fail to urge the people of Ngousso to work for the daily maintenance of their new road through the sanitation equipment offered to the newly installed neighborhood committees.

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